Brainy Gamer Quiz #1

Hey kids, it's time for the first Brainy Gamer Quiz. Send the correct answer to [email protected] and you will earn the grudging respect of brainy gamers worldwide (I have yet to receive a visitor or subscriber from Antarctica--all other continents are represented!). I will announce the winner's name on the blog...and I may even send you a little something for your efforts.

Explain the connection between these 3 men:

Vassilykandinsky Jarvis_2 Tetsuyamizuguchi

I'm starting with a tough one to see what you're made of. If no one gets it right, I'll post a clue or two to help you. Good luck!

Update: After several wild guess submissions (including one by Jacobus that was way wrong, but way funny) we have a winner! Steve from East Schodack NY got it right, and even drew my attention to the fact that the photo of Eugene Jarvis in the center contains two hands that do not belong to Jarvis. Brainy Gamer salute!

Watch for my next post, which will explain how Steve connected all the dots in this crazy lineage of synaesthesia.