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Vintage Game Club: Loom

About the podcast

Recording I want to apologize to llsteners of the BG podcast for my sporadic release schedule over the last year.

When I began the show in '07 I recorded an episode every two weeks. I was on a sabbatical from teaching, so it was easy for me to maintain such a routine. When my sabbatical ended, I shfted to a monthly show, with an occasional flurry of confab episodes and year-end roundups.

Lately, my teaching and administrative work have grown more demanding, and parenting a running, climbing, "why"-asking child turns out to be far more time-consuming than caring for a baby who sleeps 15 hours a day. At the moment, I'm also in production for a play I'm directing, so time is an incredibly precious commodity these days.

Happily, I've been able to sustain my writing here - not out of a sense of duty or obligation, but because I love it so much. Like many of you, I think about games all the time. For me, writing is thinking, so posting essays here feels like a natural thing to do. It helps that I've learned to write any time, anywhere, which comes in handy when your kid decides to rise and shine at 4:00am.

I'll continue recording podcasts, of course, and I look forward to many more conversations with smart, interesting people. But I've reconciled myself to the reality that I'll make them when I can and not beat myself up for failing to maintain a regular schedule. I'm prone to dragging guilt around with me when I fall short of my goals, so I suppose I'm writing this now to help release myself from that self-imposed burden.

As always, thanks for reading and listening. Happy gaming!