Cue the star

I've got EXP

Microphone_newspost_0002 Week in and week out, Scott Juster and Jorge Albor produce one of the best games-related podcasts on the interwebs: the Experience Points Podcast

They kindly invited me on to discuss the "Enduring Questions" course I've written about here and the inclusion of Portal on the syllabus. We also talk about games in the classroom, the growing irrelevance of traditional academic scholarship, and plenty of other subjects. 

It was a terrific conversation I think you'll enjoy - that is, if you can tolerate 62 minutes of me on the other side of the mic. :-)

You can subscribe to the EXP Podcast via iTunes, or you can grab the RSS feed. You can also download the show directly.

Many thanks to Jorge and Scott for inviting me on their 'cast and for being such warm hosts.