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Vintage Game Club: tough choice

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The Vintage Game Club has narrowed the list for our 8th collective playthrough to 4 games:

Each is a highly regarded game (dare I trot out the overused "classic" moniker?) that set new standards of excellence when released, and their influences on subsequent games are easily seen. We're discussing the merits of each over in the VGC forum, and you're welcome to join us.

If one of these games is a favorite you'd like to play again - or better yet, if you see a game on this list you've always wanted to play - I encourage you to pop over to the forum and make your wishes known. You'll find a genial group of folks there who enjoy chatting about games in a cordial and supportive environment. 

Tough choice this time, but I guess you could say we can't possibly make a mistake with these options. All are welcome to join us.

The Vintage Game Club