Brainy Gamer Podcast - Episode 25
Summer of Confabs - vol. 3

Gamers Confab #2

Gangles2  Kiai  Corvus4

I'm celebrating podcast episode 25 with 5 (five!) new installments of the Gamers Confab. You can find the first one here, featuring Steve Gaynor from 2K Marin (Bioshock 2), Nels Anderson from Hothead Games (DeathSpank), and Wes Erdelack (aka Iroquois Pliskin) from the Versus CluClu Land blog.

Gamers Confab #2 features a conversation with guests Deirdra Kiai from Deirdra Kiai Productions and Hothead Games, Corvus Elrod from Man Bytes Blog, and Matthew Gallant from The Quixotic Engineer.

We discuss two significant controversies that arose this year, and we consider the growing momentum enjoyed by indie games.

Stay tuned, as I'll be releasing 3 more Confabs in the days ahead. I hope you enjoy them.

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