Little king, big game
Brainy Gamer Podcast - Episode 23

Vintage Game Club: Game 6 + Zelda news


The Vintage Game Club is preparing for its next collective playthrough, and we've narrowed our list to the following games:

  • Ico + Shadow of the Colossus
  • System Shock 2
  • Alpha Centauri
  • Ultima VII

You're welcome to join us and help us choose.

A couple of notes, then a Hyrulian announcement:

  1. Ico + Shadow of the Colossus is a proposed 2-game playthrough. We think it would be interesting to play these games sequentially, as companion pieces, and discuss them as such. Both games are short enough to allow for this approach.

  2. Use this thread to discuss the finalists, lobby for your favorite, berate the moderators...but do not use it to cast your vote. This thread will remain open until Thursday May 7 at 10pm EDT (-4 GMT), at which point voting will begin in earnest. Note: you must join the VGC before you can post comments or cast a vote. It's free, requires only an email address, and you will receive no spam.
Now for the Zelda news. Various Legend of Zelda titles have been suggested since we began the VGC, but we haven't chosen any of them yet, partly because we've been waiting for the arrival of Majora's Mask on the Virtual Console. Now that it's available in Europe and Japan (and apparently on the way for North America) we think it's time for the VGC to play a Zelda game.

And so, we will devote Game 7 to The Legend of Zelda, and you will decide which one we play. We look forward to the ensuing discussion/debate/firestorm/brouhaha, and we thought you might appreciate knowing where we're headed in advance. If, for some insane reason, Majora's Mask still hasn't been released in NA when we're ready for Game 7, we'll hold off until Game 8...or 9...or 10...or...???

Happy gaming!