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Vintage Game Club: Alpha Centauri

K06pg1.jpg The Vintage Game Club begins its collective playthrough of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri this weekend, and you're welcome to join us. Released in 1999, Alpha Centauri remains one of the best strategy games ever made, affirming Sid Meier's stature among the most gifted and influential designers of his generation.

Alpha Centauri is an epic sci-fi turn-based strategy game set in the 22nd century. Meier translated and refined his Civilization-style balance of exploration, discovery, empire building and conquest, transporting the player to an alien planet full of mysteries and unique factions. You can discover over 75 technologies, develop over 60 base upgrades, and build your empire as peacefully or aggressively as you choose.

If you've never played Alpha Centauri - or if you're a veteran who'd like to play it again and discuss it with friends - we'd love for you to join us. As I've pointed out in the past, we all have busy lives, so the club requires nothing but your interest to join. If you decide to start a game with us, but can't continue it, no big deal. The club is just a framework for bringing us together. We're here to have fun and broaden our knowledge and awareness of important games.

A few details:

  • When do we start? - We begin playing this weekend, and we'll continue our forum conversation for a month. We've arrange our discussion threads to encourage newcomers to jump in and participate at any point, so if you can't begin playing right away, no problem.
  • How will it work? - We organize the forum threads to flow in a way that reflects the unfolding of the game. Alpha Centauri is tricky for us because it isn't a linear game, and every player's experience will be different. So we've tried to organize the discussion with flexibility in mind. We hope the posts will look more like a conversation and less like a series of disconnected comments. We encourage you to play at your own pace. Post daily, weekly, every once in awhile - whatever works for you.

We hope you'll join us for Alpha Centauri. All are welcome.

The Vintage Game Club