Bringing the boost
Flower song



I hope you'll forgive me for posting in such an off-the-cuff "more to come" fashion, but moments ago I just put down my controller, ran to my computer, and started typing what you're reading now. I generally try not to produce giddy, unconsidered writing here, but I guess you could say I'm throwing caution to the wind today.

I've been playing Flower since late last night with a brief intermission for sleep, when I dreamed about flying. Today I find myself in a state of exuberant euphoria, brought on entirely by my joyful immersion in this simple, beautiful, thrilling, restorative game. At this moment I want to jump up and down, fly a kite, hug strangers, and post exuberant blog entries with no analytical content whatsoever. And so I am.

I must work today. I will teach and deal with email and attend meetings and do all the stuff I get paid for. But I know I'll be thinking about Flower all day long. I'll be longing to tilt the controller in my hands and float again on the wind.

Soon I'll sit down and think about this game, and I'll try to write about it more carefully and more thoughtfully than I've done here. But for now, it feels good - and deeply satisfying somehow - to climb to the top of my little blog mountain and shout for all to hear: I LOVE THIS GAME. IT MAKES ME VERY HAPPY. Thanks for indulging me. :-)

Flower is available now in Europe, Japan, and Australia. It will appear later today is now available in the U.S. Playstation store, and it costs $9.99. I can't wait to discuss it with you.