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Brainy Gamer Podcast - Holiday edition

Santa_Microphone2 This edition of the Brainy Gamer Podcast features a holiday extravaganza of Gamers Confab goodness: a 3-volume confection featuring a sleigh full of games bloggers all discussing our favorite games of 2008!

Volume 1:

Segment 1: Leigh Alexander from Sexy Videogameland; Kirk Battle (aka L.B. Jeffries) from Banana Pepper Martinis; Mike Schiller from PopMatters; and Roger Travis from the Video Games and Human Values Initiative.

Segment 2: Daniel Purvis from Graffiti Gamer; Ben Abraham from SLRC; Trevor Dodge from Male Hipster Leering and the First Wall Rebate Podcast; and David Carlton from Malvasia Bianca.

Download Volume 1 directly here.

Volume 2:

Segment 1: Corvus Elrod from Man Bytes Blog; Mitch Krpata from Insult Swordfighting; Dan Bruno from Cruise Elroy; and Spencer Greenwood from Noble Carrots.

Segment 2: Chris Dahlen from Save the Robot; Sparky Clarkson from Discount Thoughts; and Matthew Gallant from The Quixotic Engineer.

Download Volume 2 directly here.

Volume 3:

Steve Gaynor of the Fullbright blog and 2K Marin; Wes Erdelack (aka Iroquois Pliskin) of Versus Clu Clu Land; and Tom Kim of Gamasutra Radio.

Finally, in the closing segment I reveal my favorite game of 2008 while also shamelessly gaming the system.

Download Volume 3 directly here.

All three volumes are available via Tunes here.
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Happy holidays everyone!!