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Fable II - review

Fable2_Artwork6 My review of Fable II has been posted over at PopMatters. I've been rather devoted to Mr. Molyneux's playable tale of late, and I've enjoyed pausing to consider a game more carefully than I typically do. I'll return with one more Fable II essay after Thanksgiving before moving on to other ludonarrative adventures. In the meantime, here's a snippet from the review:

We often call games “stylish” because of their distinctive visuals or offbeat approach, but Fable II‘s charismatic personality permeates the entire gameplay experience. From its storybook narrator (voiced by the inimitable Zoe Wanamaker) to its lush anachronistic blend of medieval, renaissance, and 18th-century environments, the game weaves together its disparate locations, characters, and stories more effectively than any game I have ever played.

You can read the full review here. And, yes, I gave it my first "10." Happy gaming!