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Brainy Gamer Podcast - Episode 18

This edition of the Brainy Gamer Podcast features Leigh Alexander and Mitch Krpata in the Gamers Confab where we discuss our games of the month and the current state of the survival horror genre. We also chat about the game review grind; remind ourselves that games cost money; and remove the 4th-wall in a horrifyingly authentic podcast recording surprise in which no harm comes to Leigh whatsoever!

All this, and a plea for slowing down, in this edition of the Brainy Gamer Podcast!

Leigh Alexander's Sexy Videogameland   
Mitch Krpata's Insult Swordfighting

Mitch's review of Dead Space
Mitch's review of Silent Hill: Homecoming
Leigh's "Does Survival Horror Really Still Exist?"
Leigh's review of Silent Hill: Homecoming

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