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Podcast reboot

Radiomic After 16 episodes of me gabbing into a mic with an occasional interview thrown in, I'm reformatting my podcast in an effort to improve its quality. Surveying the landscape of current games-related podcasts, I see a real need for focused conversation about video games that isn't about news, reviews, previews, or the brand of scotch I'm drinking while I record. :-)

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of the 1UP podcasts and a few other similar shows, but as you probably know if you've listened to any of my podcasts, that's just not my style.

So I've assembled a team of the best games bloggers around - more than 20 of them were crazy enough to say yes - and from this pool of talent I'll invite two or three each month to join me for a regular segment I'm calling the Gamers Confab. We'll discuss a variety of issues related to video games and offer opinions and analysis that I hope will be unique and useful to our listeners.

The Gamers Confab will feature bloggers and writers who aren't currently heard on gaming podcasts. I believe much of the best writing and thinking about games is happening in the blogosphere, and I'm eager to share conversation with some of the very people whose work you and I read nearly every day.

I'll contribute my own segment to each podcast, and I'll also continue to include interviews with notable people whenever I can. I hope to produce a show you'll enjoy, and I think the new format will help me do a better job of that. As always, your comments and feedback are most welcome.

Look for the 2.0 version of the Brainy Gamer Podcast - featuring the first edition of the Gamers Confab - early next week. Thanks for listening.