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Vintage Game Club - what game next?

Rifleclub3_2 Grim Fandango wraps up this week, and our first excursion into vintage game clubbing was a fun and lively success. On behalf of Dan Bruno and David Carlton, I want to thank all of you who joined for helping us launch the club in such a positive way. 64 members, 277 posts and well over 17,000 page views from members and visitors...not a bad start, eh?

So, what game next? We're looking for your ideas and suggestions. If you're a member, come on over and join the conversation about what kind of game experience we'd like to follow Grim Fandango.

If you're not a member but wish to join us, what's stopping you? We'd love to have you, and now would be a great time to jump in. Just hop over to our discussion forum, sign up, and you're in. If you'd prefer not to join but simply want to follow the discussion, you're welcome to do that too.

The Vintage Game Club