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Vintage Game Club - Deus Ex

Deus_ex_poster_by_egoyette The members have spoken and voted, and the next game up for the Vintage Game Club is Deus Ex!

Warren Spector and Harvey Smith's interactive thriller is one of the greatest PC games of all time, weaving RPG elements into a first-person mystery-action-adventure shooter. The music is pretty cool too.

We all have busy lives, so the club requires nothing but your interest to join. If you decide to start a game with us, but can't continue it - or if you post a comment but can't return to follow up, no big deal. The club is just a framework for bringing us together. Join in, drop out, come back...whatever. We're just here to have fun and broaden our knowledge and awareness of important games.

A few details:

  • When do we start? - September 2. 1 week from today. That should give everyone a chance to get their hands on the game. PC users can purchase it from Steam, and it's also available for free at the moment on GameTap. PC users sick of staring at their screens all day may wish to consider the PS2 edition, pros and cons of which are discussed here.
  • How will it work? - We'll try to play together at roughly the same pace and post our thoughts as we go along. Post daily, weekly, every once in awhile - whatever works for you. I will try to organize the comments so they flow in a way that reflects the unfolding of the game. I hope these comments will look more like a conversation and less like a series of disconnected posts.

If you've never played Deus Ex, now's the time to give it a whirl. If you've already finished/cracked/beaten/completed it, feel free to jump in and lend a bit of your expertise to the discussion. All are welcome.

And, yes, the movie poster is, mercifully, fake. :-)