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Ignominious defeat


Firstbirthday The Brainy Gamer launched one year ago today, and what a wonderful year it has been.

When I started last August, I hoped to find an audience for "thoughtful conversation about video games," but for the first two months it was a fairly one-sided conversation. I tried to write every day, and gradually my traffic grew. By the time our baby Zoe arrived in November, I had a small but devoted group of readers and listeners to the podcast, many of whom sent best wishes to us in the hospital. It was then I realized I was in this for the long haul.

I'm terribly grateful to those of you who discovered me early on and stuck with me while I learned how to write in this format. I see blogging as a community-building activity, and it took awhile for me to understand how I could best function and contribute to this community. Now, 282 posts and 2,722 reader comments later, I've come to see The Brainy Gamer as my online home and the central locus of my work as a teacher, gamer, and scholar.

I could never adequately express my gratitude to so many of you for encouraging me, challenging me, and opening my eyes to a vibrant and passionate (and sometimes thoroughly wacked) world that I once only understood from the outside.

Thank you for reading and listening.