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The World Ends With You - review

Theworldendswithyouds My review of The World Ends With You has been posted at PopMatters. Here's a snippet:

Of all video game genres, RPGs would seem the most conducive to powerful storytelling. All too often, they are not. JRPGs, in particular, have become mired in threadbare plot mechanics and recycled characters. The World Ends With You is different. No grinding. No random battles. No interminable cutscenes. The game even rewards you with a stat boost for turning off the system and taking a few days off.

You can read the full review here.

You may also be interested in two other views on the game from a couple of Brainy Gamer blog pals. Chris Dahlen reviewed TWEWY for The Onion's AV Club and liked it as much as me. Richard Terrell over at Critical-Gaming found the game unnecessarily complex with poor mechanics. More proof that RPG beauty is in the eye of the role-player. :-)

Chris Dahlen's review at The Onion's AV Club
Richard Terrell's analysis "Mechanics and Abstractions" at Critical-Gaming