Podcast 12 this weekend
Brainy Gamer Podcast - Episode 12

Chris Dahlen - legendary hero

Savetherobot_3 Chris Dahlen from Save the Robot, Pitchfork Media, and other distinguished outlets graciously agreed to record an interview segment with me for the Brainy Gamer podcast. We connected this evening via Skype and chatted for nearly an hour. Chris was terrific, and we covered a nice range of topics. The conversation ended, I thanked Chris for his time, and we hung up.

And I forgot to click the "record" button.

So, yeah, I didn't capture a single word. I must have made some kind of primal sound because my wife came running in. I told her what happened,  and she said to call him back. I told her I was too embarrassed, but she insisted. I saw Chris was still online, so I dialed him up, told him what I'd done (or in this case, not done), and he immediately replied "No problem. Let's do it again." And so we did.

I may be an idiot, but trust me on this. Chris Dahlen is a first-class guy. I ought to know. I interviewed him twice in one night.

Look for the podcast, featuring a recorded conversation with Chris Dahlen, tomorrow night. Oy.