Gamer's log: Planescape Torment - Day 1
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on dogs, these are a few of my favorite blogs

A less dastardly spam filter

Spam1_2 Several of you have tried posting comments recently, only to have them kicked back to you as spam. I contacted Typepad to complain (along with hundreds of other bloggers, evidently), and the following message has been posted on the official Typepad blog: 

Spam service update
Thank you for all of your comments letting us know that the spam service is being overaggressive in categorizing your blogs' comments as spam! This is great feedback. We’ve heard you and have made a change to the service that will help direct legitimate comments straight to your comments folder.

If you post a comment that is rejected by Typepad, don't worry. I still receive it (labeled as spam), and can simply override that setting and ensure the message is posted exactly as you wrote it.

If you've run into this problem, I apologize. Spam is a real issue, unfortunately, and Typepad is trying hard to keep it out of its blogs...perhaps a bit too hard. I encourage you to keep those comments coming - I read every one and benefit greatly from the collective expertise of my readers.

Now back to Planescape: Torment. Oh, how I love the Mage life!!