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Katie chimes in

Katie_couric Katie Couric delivered a 1-minute editorial on the CBS Evening News last night warning viewers of the dangerous impact of violent video games on our children and nation. In the process she grossly mischaracterizes the Wii version of Manhunt 2:

"Rather than just pushing buttons, the player actually wields a knife, an axe, a glass shard to stab an opponent."

Apparently some underground third party developers have released some major mods to the Wiimote.

She goes on to say the game is rated "M', "but retailers have been known to sell to underage kids." She's right. Retailers have been known to sell all sorts of unsavory things, sometimes to our kids. The vast majority, however, respect the ESRB guidelines. She doesn't mention that.

She says she talked to someone at Common Sense Media who told her research suggests a direct link between violent games and aggressiveness in kids. Common Sense Media exists to protect kids from inappropriate media. That's what they do. Had she spoken to someone at Rockstar or an actual researcher (or better yet more than one), she would have received a much more complex set of messages...which surely would have caused her editorial to exceed its 1-minute limit.

I could go on, but I won't. You can watch all 60 seconds of Katie's ruminations, including her stern warning to all parents, below. Judge for yourself.