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Where to find the best indie games

Cootalot_3 Since my discussion of Knytt Stories on the last podcast, several of you have asked where to find more games by independent developers. Happy to oblige!

I frequent several sites that monitor the indie gaming scene:

                • Game Tunnel features reviews, previews, and developer chats, all devoted to indie games.
                • Independent Gaming is a comprehensive resource. The blog is typically updated several times per day.
  • TIGSource provides up-to-date indie gaming news from a staff of contributors.
  • Mad Monkey is an independent games network showcasing the work of dozens of authors. This site is also linked to the GameDev forum.
  • Jay Is Games focuses on casual games, mostly flash-based, including reviews and walkthroughs.

Finally, if you'd like to get up to speed on indie games but aren't sure which ones to try first, take a look at Game Tunnels's list of the top 100 indie games from the past 3 years.