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Video game battleground: real world edition

Gameteacher Pressure to mount a crackdown on violent video games is heating up in the United Kingdom. As we've seen here in the U.S., blaming video games for all manner of social ills can get you a lot of attention, as the continuing prominence of anti-game industry fanatic Jack Thompson proves. Despite the absence of conclusive data or scholarship proving a link between violent behavior and video games, politicians from both ends of the spectrum continue to jump on the reckless bandwagon. This time it's conservative party leader David Cameron applying pressure on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to regulate video game content.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, State Senator Leland Yee continues his apparently endless campaign to write laws into the California state code that will later be found unconstitutional.

Gamepolitics.com has details on both stories, including a video of a television news report on the Manhunt 2 controversy that illustrates how little light the news media generally sheds on this complex subject. You can find their stories here and here.

Update (Sep. 6): Jack Thompson has filed documents with a federal court in Florida requesting to subpoena President George W. Bush. I'm not kidding. Thompson apparently wants Bush to give a deposition as part of his legal fight to help preserve his license to practice law and fight off ethics violation charges against him. The saga continues.