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Brainy Gamer Podcast - Episode 2

Gamers moving in tribes

Wowplayer I have a soft spot for academics who don't talk like academics. So I'm especially pleased by Gamasutra's series of five short interviews with Dr. Ed Castronova, Dr. Aaron Delwiche, Dr. Henry Jenkins, and PhD. Candidates Jeff McNeill and Florence Chee. Each opines on the subject of World of Warcraft's domination of the MMO market:

I started each interview out with a simple premise: that gamers were moving in tribes. World of Warcraft, in my mind, wasn’t the ‘king of the mountain’ because it was the best world out there, whatever our criteria might be. It was prominent because the right people played it, giving it a kind of social gravitational mass. The social bonds, whether forged in or outside of a game, influenced when gamers would move, and for how long they would stay. Some of these interviews dug deeply into this idea, while others carved out their own intriguing territory.

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