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China's latest weapon against terrorism: Counter-Strike

Counterstrike1_2 Chinese citizens worried about terrorists capable of respawning from death and armed with two magazines of ammunition, a knife, a pistol and $800 apiece can now rest easy. The Chinese government is using Counter-Strike to sharpen the anti-terrorist skills of Tianjin’s police force. From The People's Daily:

Han Zhen, a tactical instructor of Tianjin police, found the game very helpful. "Given its close resemblance to real-life scenarios, the game greatly enhances the terrorism awareness of our officers," the five-year veteran gamer said. "And it is very important as terrorism has become a global issue.

"In particular, it trains our officers in the use of weapons and taking advantage of different terrains, and is also a test of mental strength in a duel with a terrorist," said Han. Above him a red banner proclaimed: "Enhancing police forces through technology".

When they get their hands on Halo 3, the police will apparently be ready for anything that comes at them from now until 2552.

Thanks to GamePolitics for the heads-up.