The alley is dark and narrow. It seems like there is no ending in sight, only an infinity of darkness ahead. Behind you shine a dim light from the waning, orange-ish sun of the dusk. You don't remember how you got here, and you don't know how long it has been either. You decided to: [[Turn back|Turn back 1]] [[Go forward|Forward 1]] Although the darkness make you nervous, you decided to keep pushing forward, albeit very slowly and carefully step by step. There seems to be something hidden in this total obscurity and it is waiting for you. You feel a lingering sense of apprehension mixed with a raising level of adrenaline. Each step you take made your body more tense and alarmed. [[Stop and take a breath|Forward obstacle 1]] [[keep going forward|Forward 2]] [[Turn back|Turn back 1]] Feeling uneasy by the darkness, you decided to turn back to get to wherever the light is. You said to yourself "I'm not much of a risk taker anyway, I just want to go back to a safer place. This suspicious darkness is making me nervous." The light source is getting dimmer and dimmer every minute and it's getting harder just to see a walking path. You move your shaky hands up to touch the wall to make sure that you are not going in a circle. Suddenly, you realized the chilling, rough, bony texture of the walls and a chill ran over to your body. "I'm sure I'm not going to hang out at places like this at night!"-- you thought to yourself. After walking for a while, you decided to slow down a little and [[Pause and listen for any sound|Turn back obstacle 1]] [[keep going in the same direction|Turn back 2]] [[I'm feeling uneasy, lets go in the other direction|Forward 1]]Suddenly, a shadow appeared at the end of the path and partially block the sun light. You can't tell what it is, a person? an animal? But it must be some thing animate because it's getting bigger and bigger as if it is approaching you. That thing looks menacing and gave you an eerie feeling somehow. You can only see its silhouette. Alarmed, you [[Stop to examine the shadow|Turn back obstacle 2]] [[Keep moving towards the end|Turn back 3]] [[I'm feeling uneasy, lets go in the other direction|Forward 1]]You have been walking on this forward on this path for quite some time. There is no clock around on the wall. "Of course, why the hell should there be any clock on the walls in these damned place!"--you think to yourself. You are very certain that you always wear the watch the mom bought for you this last summer but when you reached for your left arm there is just a hopeless feeling of nothingness. Anyway, you are sure that it has been at least half an hour. Only a quarter, no, maybe just an eighth of the sun is now visible and the dim light could only last for ten minutes at most. Suddenly, you feel something running below and touch your feet. [[Alarmed, you stand back and examine the running things|Forward-obstacle 2]] [[go forward no matter what|Forward 3]] [[Turn back|Turn back 1]] All this time you've been walking and nothing seems to happen. So you decided to pause for a while and listen for any signal instead. You wonder if anyone else is trapped in same place and feeling lost just like you. But there is no sound coming from any other place, just a cold silence. [[it's probably just a haze, keep going|Turn back 2]] [[I feel uneasy, let's go on the other direction|Forward 1]]Feeling excited that the exit is near, your hearts keep pumping in your chest and you can feel sweat rolling down both sides of your cheeks as you wait for the special treat after all this obstacles that you have to overcome. As you reach the end of the path, another exact same path appeared. You feel angry, confused. "Have I been going around in circle all this damn time??"--you question and second guest yourself. You don't know how you get here, and no idea how long it has been either. There is just a profound sense of insanity going on around and around and around. When is this thing going to be over? Not it's almost total darkness and you are not even sure which way is forward. It's like when you close your eyes and walk, after a while everything seems scary you you are afraid of bumping into something even if you know nothing is blocking you on the path. Y [[it's all gonna work out, just slow down and keep reaching the end|End]] [[I feel scared, let's go on the other direction|Turn back 1]]Feeling too anxious, you stop to catch your breath. As you inhale and exhale, a cold, chilling wind passed through your body and made you shivered. You did not pay attention much before but not you can smell the distinctive earthy, rough aroma of this place. It smells like an abandoned hospital that you visited some time in the past. [[Ignore the smell and keep going forward|Forward 2]] [[I feel uneasy, let's go on the other direction|Turn back 1]]"Spiders, spiders! I hate spiders"-- You screamed. What the hell is wrong with this place. I have always hated those spiders. They look ugly and scary with all those crawling little legs. [[Jump past the spiders and move fast forward to get away from them |Forward 3]] [[I feel uneasy, let's go on the other direction|Turn back 1]]That thing really looks like someone you know. Its body looks hazy and ephemeral but seem like it's watching and judging every step you make. You feel uneasy and [[it's probably just a haze or smoke coming from somehwere, keep going|Turn back 3]] [[I feel scared, let's go on the other direction|Forward 1]]You have been walking on this path for about an hour and still have not reach the end. Your anxiety is getting worse minute by minute as the voice inside your head keep questioning your decision from the beginning. You [[Ignore it, keep going to the end|End]] [[Stop to calm down your thoughts|Turn back obstacle 3]] [[I feel scared, let's go on the other direction|Forward 1]] You feel lost and scared [[This is too much for me, I need to go back towards the light|Turn back 1]] [[It's going to be okay when I reach the end, keep moving forward|End]]"I knew it, I was going on the wrong path since the beginning" "What's the point anyway, nothing great is waiting for me outside. It's all so boring" "I'm still young and people always tell me to take risk, I probably should go back and explore this mystery " [[You tell yourself it's all going to work out and keep moving to the exit|End]] [[I feel scared, let's go on the other direction|Forward 1]]